Data sources

p3k14c is an ensemble of a great many source datasets, detailed below. We offer our sincerest thanks and gratitude to each contributing author, without whom p3k14c could not be possible.

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Source Author(s) Year Title
14CARHU A Junno, J Uusitalo, M Oinonen 2015 Radiocarbon dates of Helsinki University
14SEA Agathe Reingruber, Laurens Thissen 2017 14SEA
aDRAC Dirk Seidensticker 2016 aDRAC: 1st Draft
Andes14C M S Ziólkowski, M F Pazdur, A Krzanowski, A Michczyński 2021 Andes: Radiocarbon Database for Central Andes
AustArch Alan Williams, Sean Ulm, Mike Smith, Jill Reid 2014 AustArch: A Database of 14C and Non-14C Ages from Archaeological Sites in Australia - Composition, Compilation and Review (Data Paper)
Bevan2017 Andrew Bevan, Sue Colledge, Dorian Fuller, Ralph Fyfe, Stephen Shennan, Chris Stevens 2017 Holocene fluctuations in human population demonstrate repeated links to food production and climate
CALPAL Bernhard Weninger 2022 CalPal-Database
Capriles & Albarracin-Jordan 2013 José M Capriles, Juan Albarracin-Jordan 2013 The earliest human occupations in Bolivia: A review of the archaeological evidence
CARD Andrew Martindale, Richard Morlan, Matthew Betts, Michael Blake, Konrad Gajewski, Michelle Chaput, Andrew Mason, Pierre Vermeersch 2016 Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database (CARD 2.1)
CONTEXT Daniel Schyle, Utz Böhner 2006 Near Eastern radiocarbon CONTEXT database
Cremaetal2016 Enrico R Crema, Junko Habu, Kenichi Kobayashi, Marco Madella 2016 Summed Probability Distribution of 14 C Dates Suggests Regional Divergences in the Population Dynamics of the Jomon Period in Eastern Japan
EUROEVOL Katie Manning, Sue Colledge, Enrico Crema, Stephen Shennan, Adrian Timpson 2016 The Cultural Evolution of Neolithic Europe. EUROEVOL Dataset 1: Sites, Phases and Radiocarbon Data
Flohretal2016 Pascal Flohr, Dominik Fleitmann, Roger Matthews, Wendy Matthews, Stuart Black 2016 Evidence of resilience to past climate change in Southwest Asia: Early farming communities and the 9.2 and 8.2 ka events
Gayo CentralChile Eugenia M Gayo, Virginia McRostie, Roberto Campbell, C Flores, A Maldonado, Mauricio Uribe-Rodrı́guez, P I Moreno, C Santoro, D Christie, A Muñoz, L Gallardo 2019 Geohistorical records of the Anthropocene in Chile
Goldberg2016 Amy Goldberg, Alexis M Mychajliw, Elizabeth A Hadly 2016 Post-invasion demography of prehistoric humans in South America
GuedesBocinsky2018 Jade D’Alpoim Guedes, R Kyle Bocinsky 2018 Climate change stimulated agricultural innovation and exchange across Asia
Jorgensen 2020 Erlend Kirkeng Jørgensen 2020 The palaeodemographic and environmental dynamics of prehistoric Arctic Norway: An overview of human-climate covariation
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KITEeastafrica Colin Courtney Mustaphi 2016 Radiocarbon dates from eastern Africa in the CARD2.0 format
Lombardo 2020 Umberto Lombardo, José Iriarte, Lautaro Hilbert, Javier Ruiz-Pérez, José M Capriles, Heinz Veit 2020 Early Holocene crop cultivation and landscape modification in Amazonia
ManningTimpson2014 Katie Manning, Adrian Timpson 2014 The Demographic response to Holocene Climate Change in the Sahara
Mendez2013 César Méndez Melgar 2013 Terminal Pleistocene/early Holocene 14C dates form archaeological sites in Chile: Critical chronological issues for the initial peopling of the region
Mendezetal2015 César Méndez, Adolfo Gil, Gustavo Neme, Amalia Nuevo Delaunay, Valeria Cortegoso, Consuelo Huidobro, Vı́ctor Durán, Antonio Maldonado 2015 Mid Holocene radiocarbon ages in the Subtropical Andes ( 29’b0–35’b0 S), climatic change and implications for human space organization
MesoRAD2020 Julie A Hoggarth, Claire E Ebert 2020 MesoRAD v.1.2
Palmisano2017 Italy Alessio Palmisano, Andrew Bevan, Stephen Shennan 2017 Comparing archaeological proxies for long-term population patterns: An example from central Italy
Pratesetal2020 Luciano Prates, Gustavo G Politis, S Ivan Perez 2020 Rapid radiation of humans in South America after the last glacial maximum: A radiocarbon-based study
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Kneisel2013-jm J Kneisel, M Hinz, C Rinne 2013 Radon-B Radiocarbondates online (version 2014) Database for European 14C dates for the Bronze and Early Iron Age
RapaNui2020 M Lima, E M Gayo, C Latorre, C M Santoro, S A Estay, N Cañellas-Boltà, O Margalef, S Giralt, A Sáez, S Pla-Rabes, N Chr. Stenseth 2020 Ecology of the collapse of Rapa Nui society
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