Below is an explanation for each variable/column in p3k14c.

† indicates variables which have been collected directly from source datasets without any consolidation, cleaning, or verification. Use with discretion.

Column Type Description
LabID String Lab identification code, unique to every date
Age Integer Radiocarbon age in years before present (BP)
Error Integer One sigma standard error of the radiocarbon age
Material String Dated material
Taxa String Taxonomic name for dated material
d13C Float δ13C istopic signature. Note that some datasets use “0” instead of NA or a blank cell
Method String The method of radiocarbon dating used, such as AMS or radiometric
Long Float Longitude in decimal degrees
Lat Float Latitude in decimal degrees
LocAccuracy Integer A general rating of the accuracy of a given date’s location, according to dataset authors and our own verification. Ranges from 0 (lowest accuracy) to 3 (highest accuracy):
0: No specific locational information / only date’s Country provided
1: Province/State (non-US) or county (US) locational information
2: Very close locational information (within 500m)
3: Exact location of site provided / data’s source collected personally
Period String Archaeological time period. Common in European datasets, generally uncommon elsewhere
SiteID String Site identification number. Very useful for US and Canadian sites, otherwise uncommon
SiteName String Site name, usually unique to each site within each country. Common in sites outside of North America
Country String The country in which the date was found
Province String The administrative subdivision in which the date was found
Continent String The continent on which the date was found
Source String The source dataset which provided the date
Reference String Full academic reference for the date, if available