The PEOPLE 3000 Radiocarbon Database (p3k14c)

The most complete global database of archaeological ¹⁴C dates

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Comprised of over 170,000 dates from all across the world, the PEOPLE 3000 Radiocarbon Database (p3k14c) is the largest and most geographically complete dataset of global archaeological radiocarbon (¹⁴C) dates ever constructed. With each date having been collected and cleaned according to a rigorous, unified protocol, p3k14c presents a new standard for leveraging the potential of dates-as-data to study the evolution of past human societies. See the whitepaper.

Global map showing locations of all radiocarbon records

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Have some radiocarbon dates that aren’t in p3k14c? We want to add them! Submit data now to bolster its dissemination, fill in the gaps, and contribute to the future of how we understand ourselves and our ancestors.


The PEOPLE 3000 Radiocarbon Database is a project of the Paleoclimate and the Peopling of the Earth (PEOPLE 3000) working group and is supported by the generosity of Past Global Changes.