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Note! To maintain legal compliance, dates for the United States, Canada, and the Guedes and Bocinsky (2018) database have had their precise coordinates obfuscated to instead be the centroid of the encompassing county/administrative subdivision. In general, this does not affect results for coarse-grained analysis. If your analysis requires greater precision, archaeological professionals may request access to the true-coordinates dataset through the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR).


Full details on each column/variable can be found in the code sheet. All dates are uncalibrated. Consider working with the data using our R package! For more detailed information about the data’s purpose, intended usage, our methods, and technical validation, check out the whitepaper.

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p3k14c 2022.06 10 June 2022 (latest) Release notes
p3k14c 2022.01 27 January 2022 Initial version